A working face end stress concentration factor acquiring method



The invention provides a working face end stress concentration factor acquiring method comprising the steps of: (1) establishing a mining area model after mining of a stope is stabilized; (2) acquiring the overburden failure height of the mining area; (3) acquiring the total gravity of overlying rock transfer; (4) acquiring the included angles between sufficient mining boundary lines in the inclination direction of a steeply dipping seam and the horizontal line; (5) acquiring pressure Fa1 working on a lower rock pillar body; (6) acquiring the stress [sigma] a in a coal body stress rising area and the vertical stress [sigma] a (v) at a coal body; (7) acquiring the stress concentration factor k. By establishing a mining area model and employing the law of conservation of energy in a closed system, a balance formula concerning the working face stress-relaxation area height, the overburden failure angle and the like is established and a solving method for the working face end stress concentration factor K is indirectly acquired. The solving method is great in applicability and can greatly improve the safety of working face mining when being applied to geometric calculation of stope structures.




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