Energy-saving LED lamp long in service life



The invention provides an energy-saving LED lamp long in service life. The energy-saving LED lamp comprises a substrate, a cooler, light-emitting bodies, a lampshade and a light guide film. The one or more light-emitting bodies are installed on the substrate. The cooler is installed on the face, back onto the light-emitting bodies, of the substrate. The lampshade is installed on the substrate and covers all the light-emitting bodies. The light guide film is installed on the substrate, is located on the inner side of the lampshade and covers all the light-emitting bodies at the same time. The light guide film and light guide lattice points on the light guide film are additionally arranged on the energy-saving LED lamp, light emitted by all parts of the LED energy-saving lamp is more uniform, no obvious light-emitting strong points or illumination dead corners exist, and therefore light rays emitted by the whole lamp are softer and are not dazzling, and the glaring phenomenon is avoided. Besides, the cooler is additionally arranged, and therefore the energy-saving LED lamp can be better in cooling effect and longer in service life.




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