Furnace starting process for melting silicon through induction furnace



The invention discloses a furnace starting process for melting silicon through an induction furnace. Silicon blocks or silicon powder is placed in the induction furnace, and meanwhile iron blocks are added into the induction furnace; the induction furnace is started, and the temperature is raised to 1,480 DEG C to 1,520 DEG C; the silicon blocks or the silicon powder is melted into silicon liquid, and the iron blocks are taken out. According to the mode of adding the iron blocks into the silicon blocks, the temperature is raised to 1,480 DEG C to 1,520 DEG C, the temperature reaches the melting temperature of silicon at this moment, the iron blocks do not reach the melting point and are kept in a solid state, and the silicon blocks form melted silicon after being melted; after the iron blocks are taken out, self-induction heat generation can be achieved through the weak electrical conductivity of the melted silicon, and the aim of melting the silicon blocks is achieved. Relative to the maximum capacity 20 KG of a crucible, the mode of melting silicon through the induction furnace is utilized, and the single silicon melting amount can be increased to 5 tons; relative to crucible melting in the prior art, the yield is greatly increased, and production efficiency is greatly improved.




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