Elevator safety monitoring system



The invention provides an elevator safety monitoring system. The elevator safety monitoring system comprises a two-dimensional code, a detection terminal, a control terminal, a gateway and a remote monitoring center. The detection terminal comprises a gravity sensor, a monitoring unit, a temperature sensor and a smoke sensor. The control terminal comprises a controller and further comprises a power source, an interface module, a wireless transmission module, an audio and video communicator, an alarm module and a lighting device, all of which are electrically connected with the controller. The detection terminal is electrically connected with the control terminal. The gateway comprises a wires transmission module. The control terminal and the remote monitoring center conduct data transmission through the gateway. The remote monitoring center comprises a host and a server, and a client side is further included and communicates with the server. The detection terminal in an elevator car is utilized for collecting environment parameters in an elevator in real time, and WeChat software in the client side is used for scanning and recognizing the two-dimensional code on the elevator so that the running situation and the maintaining situation of the elevator can be grasped in real time.




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