Manufacturing equipment and method for plant or inorganic material boards



The invention relates to manufacturing equipment for plant or inorganic material boards. The manufacturing equipment is characterized in that a feeding device feeds raw materials into a drying device through a conveyer belt, and a roller drying machine and a swing drive system are arranged in the drying device; the front end of the drying device is connected with a hot wind supply boiler of a heating device through a hot wind opening; a discharging port a in the drying device is connected to a bin A; a smashing device and a wind supply device are connected with a first smashing machine, a second smashing machine and a third smashing machine through raw material conveying pipelines b and c, the raw materials qualified after being smashed enter a cyclone separator from an opening d through a first discharging port pipeline and a second discharging port pipeline, are separated and fall into a bin B, kieselguhr, other organic materials like shells and inorganic materials are utilized for manufacturing the boards, and the manufacturing equipment has the beneficial effects of being economical, efficient and environment-friendly, and saving energy; and energy is saved, consumption is reduced, wood is also saved, environmental protection is promoted, and resources are utilized to the maximum degree.




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