Traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating rheumatoid arthritis


  • Inventors: WANG TAO
  • Assignees: 王涛
  • Publication Date: March 22, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-106511532-A


The invention belongs to the technical field of traditional Chinese medicines, and in particular relates to a traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating rheumatoid arthritis. The traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating the rheumatoid arthritis is prepared from the following traditional Chinese medicinal raw materials in parts by mass: 25-30 parts of radix salviae miltiorrhizae, 25-30 parts of rhizoma ligustici wallichii, 25-30 parts of flos carthami, 15-20 parts of eucommia bark, 25-30 parts of fructus crataegi, 40-50 parts of fructus psoraleae, 8-10 parts of herba leonuri and 8-10 parts of herba epimedii. The traditional Chinese medicinal composition provided by the invention has functions of relieving swelling and alleviating pain, tonifying spleen and reducing phlegm, and the traditional Chinese medicinal composition has the characteristics of being less in recurrence, convenient to use, short in treatment course and low in cost.




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