Steerable electrosurgical electrode



A steerable electrosurgical electrode is provided. The steerable electrosurgical electrode comprises a handle, a control element, a first tube, a second tube, a third tube, an electrode and an electrical transmission unit. The handle has a flat area therein, the control element has a plurality of positioning planes and pivotally connects to the handle such that one of the positioning planes rotatably abuts against the flat area, the first tube is positioned inside the second tube and pivotally connected to the control element, the third tube is connected to the second and the first tubes through a first and a second links, respectively, and the electrode is configured at the right end of the third tube. A user may manipulate the control element such that it abuts against the flat area at different positioning planes, to move the first tube inside the second tube, which in turns rotates the third tube and the electrode.




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