Adjustable pot cover of splash-proof pot


  • Inventors: ZHANG CHUNFANG
  • Assignees: 张春芳
  • Publication Date: March 22, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-106510478-A


The invention relates to the technical field of kitchenware, in particular to an adjustable pot cover of a splash-proof pot. The pot cover comprises a pot cover main body; the pot cover main body is a silicone sheet; a water overflow hole is formed in the center of the pot cover main body; arc-shaped baffle blocks are uniformly distributed at the periphery of the bottom of the pot cover main body; and sliding grooves are formed in connecting ends of the arc-shaped baffle blocks and the pot cover main body. The pot cover is simple in structure and convenient in operation; the pot cover is soft and scalable in texture; liquid can be effectively prevented from being splashed from the pot; and the temperature in the pot can be well ensured.




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