Method, system and server for vehicle rent



The embodiment of the invention discloses a method, a system and a server for vehicle rent, which belong to the technical field of intelligent vehicles. The method comprises steps: the server carries out authentication and authorization on the identity of a rental user; after the server receives a vehicle rent request sent through a terminal when the rental user selects a vehicle, a vehicle control box of the vehicle is awakened; the server generates an unlocking password, and the unlocking password is issued to the terminal; and the vehicle control box receives an unlocking password inputted by the rental user on a vehicle password device, the unlocking password inputted by the rental user and the unlocking password generated by the server are compared, and in the case of consistency, the vehicle control box controls the vehicle to unlock the vehicle door. By using the embodiment of the invention, during a user vehicle rent process, participation of a field worker is not needed, the user can complete vehicle rent by only operating on the terminal such as a mobile phone, and the rent efficiency is enhanced.




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