USB adaptor and data transmission device



The invention discloses a USB adaptor and a data transmission device, and belongs to the technical field of data transmission. The USB adaptor includes an adaptor body, a USB circuit module formed in the adaptor body, and a control module formed in the adaptor body. The control module is electrically connected to the USB circuit module, the control module is used for detecting and determining whether or not a device connected to a second port through a data line is a master device or a slave device, and controlling a working mode of the USB circuit module in a charging mode, a non-OTG data transmission mode or an OTG data transmission mode according to the determination result, and in this way, both the USB adaptor provided by the embodiment of the invention and the data line can charge a mobile device through the master device or perform non-OTG data transmission between the master device and the mobile device, and both the USB adaptor and an OTG line can achieve OTG data transmission between the mobile device and the slave device.




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