Elastic-wave super-magnetic source system for cross-hole tomography



Disclosed in the invention is an elastic-wave super-magnetic source system for cross-hole tomography. The system is composed of a transmitter, a super-magnetic body, and a reed. A coil winds around the super-magnetic body and is connected with the transmitter. One end of the reed is fixed and the other end of the reed is connected with the super-magnetic body; and when the super-magnetic body deforms, the reed is extruded to cause elastic deformation. The system works as follows: the transmitter adjusts the internal current of the coil to change the magnetic field loaded on the super-magnetic body; under the effect of the magnetic field, the super-magnetic body deforms correspondingly; under extrusion of the super-magnetic body deformation, the reed deforms elastically by being perpendicular to the axis surface and an elastic wave is irradiated; and under control by the transmitter, the above-mentioned steps are repeated in a pseudorandom sequence until the pseudorandom sequence sending is completed. Therefore, the pseudorandom sequence is sent out based on elastic wave irradiation; and because of the pseudo-random code spread spectrum technology, the anti-interference capability of the system is enhanced and the signal to noise ratio of the collected signal is improved, so that the detection distance increases to a certain extent.




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