Engine lubricating oil with good sealing performance and high abrasion resistance and preparation method of engine lubricating oil



The invention discloses engine lubricating oil with good sealing performance and high abrasion resistance and a preparation method of the engine lubricating oil. The engine lubricating oil comprises, by weight, 2-4 parts of nano silicon dioxide, 50-70 parts of rape oil, 15-25 parts of poly-alpha-olefin PAO6, 1-2 parts of pentaerythritol, 5-15 parts of polyol ester PriEco3000, 4-8 parts of powdered sulfur, 1-2 parts of trimethylolpropane, 0.5-1 part of tungsten powder, 5-10 parts of zeolite ZIF-8, 2-3 parts of linoleic acid, 15-20 parts of dimethyl sulfoxide, 5-10 parts of pour point reducers LZL803B, 4-7 parts of ethylene-propylene copolymers T618, 15-20 parts of deionized water and appropriate parts of absolute ethyl alcohol. The engine lubricating oil has the advantages that a hydrophobic oleophylic material, namely the zeolite ZIF-8, is introduced and can serve as a carrier for tungsten disulfide particles and as an excellent lubricating additive; the nano silicon dioxide is added coordinately, and accordingly, the lubricating oil has excellent sealing performance and high-and-low temperature performance.
本发明公开了一种密封性能好、高耐磨的发动机润滑油及其制备方法,由以下重量份原料制成:纳米二氧化硅2‑4,菜籽油50‑70,聚α烯烃PAO6 15‑25,季戊四醇1‑2,多元醇酯PriEco3000 5‑15,硫粉4‑8,三羟甲基丙烷1‑2,钨粉0.5‑1,沸石ZIF‑8 5‑10,亚油酸2‑3,二甲基亚砜15‑20,降凝剂LZL803B 5‑10,乙丙共聚物T618 4‑7,去离子水15‑20,无水乙醇适量。本发明引入憎水亲油材料沸石ZIF‑8,不仅可以作为二硫化钨颗粒的载体,同时沸石ZIF‑8可作为优良的润滑添加剂;配合添加了纳米二氧化硅等,使润滑油具有极佳的密封性能和高低温性能。




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