Feed mechanism of fork production device


  • Inventors: LUO HUOYIN
  • Assignees: 骆火银
  • Publication Date: March 15, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-106494850-A


The invention relates to a feed mechanism of a fork production device. The feed mechanism comprises a feed hopper, a bamboo chip pushing mechanism, a bamboo chip shifting mechanism and a guide chute. The feed hopper is in a flat hopper shape. The width of the feed hopper is equivalent to the width of fed bamboo chips. A lower discharge port is smaller than an upper feed port. The bamboo chip pushing mechanism is arranged on the inner side of a first sidewall, opposite to the side facesm of bamboo sticks, of the feed hopper and does reciprocating motion along the first sidewall to push the bamboo sticks to move downwards. The bamboo chip shifting mechanism is arranged at the discharge port and used for shifting bamboo chips at the discharge port into the guide chute. According to the feed mechanism of the fork production device, under the sorting effect of the bamboo chip pushing mechanism, bamboo chips can be efficiently and rapidly fed into the guide chute in the specific direction to realize rapid feeding.




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