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CN-101744255-A: Formula of Chinese medicinal cosmetic weight-reducing health product patent, CN-101744306-A: 肉馅饼及其制作方法 patent, CN-101744886-A: 一种高纯度五味子总木脂素的提取方法 patent, CN-101745424-A: 一种手性二胺-质子酸催化剂及其制备和应用 patent, CN-101745595-A: Double-column upper driven high-speed forging hydraulic press patent, CN-101745979-A: Die of novel heat insulation plate patent, CN-101746484-A: 锚泊式作业船舶在锚泊时跨越海底设施的操作方法 patent, CN-101748512-A: 一种聚酯复合纤维及其生产方法 patent, CN-101748749-A: 预制装配式预应力地下连续墙及其施工方法 patent, CN-101749720-A: Cooling steam sealing device patent, CN-101751117-A: 运动监控装置 patent, CN-101751345-A: Simulator and simulation method for running programs of client in host computer patent, CN-101752278-A: Lead joint method in packaging of semiconductor and packaging structure patent, CN-101752383-A: One-time programmable memory and manufacture and programming reading method patent, CN-101752422-A: Power electric crystal structure patent, CN-101752918-A: High-efficiency magnetic energy rotating device patent, US-6128679-A: Computer for executing I/O instructions, by emulation, in a foreign application program wherein the emulator result thread is blocked from running between processes patent, CN-101753538-A: Protocol conversion gateway system based on microprocessor patent, CN-101753542-A: Method and device for speeding up matching of filter rules of firewalls patent, CN-101753982-A: 3G network intelligent security system and using method thereof patent, CN-101754038-A: Parallax extraction method patent, CN-101754103-A: 手机上实现视频聊天的方法 patent, CN-101756812-A: Nicotinic acid benzyl ester massage cream patent, CN-101756877-A: 强化蛇蜂纳米银元素中药能防治感冒的唇膏 patent, CN-101758617-A: 细长复材管件的抽芯方法 patent, CN-101759297-A: 全生化处理环己酮生产废水的方法 patent, CN-101759570-A: Preparation method of p-nitrophenol patent, CN-101761503-A: Shield pump bearing patent, CN-101761897-A: Adsorption type fluorescent lamp patent, CN-101762179-A: Round edge of heat dissipation fin patent, CN-101762195-A: 传热装置、电子设备以及生产传热装置的方法 patent, CN-101762946-A: Photographic apparatus patent, CN-101763270-A: Method for displaying and processing assembly and user equipment patent, CN-101763639-A: 用于检测和阻止与rfid标签相关的欺诈的系统和方法 patent, CN-101763759-A: 机动车模拟装置的传动控制方法、装置及教学系统 patent, CN-101763786-A: 多功能记录展示系统 patent, CN-101764365-A: Submersible or buried box type high-voltage power transformer equipment patent, CN-101765756-A: 地图显示装置、地图显示方法及计算机可读取的有形介质 patent, CN-101766430-A: 折叠式衣架 patent, CN-101767866-A: Aeration method for improving film pollution control function patent, CN-101768010-A: 超薄类金刚石碳薄膜的制备方法 patent, CN-101768050-A: 一种生产乙二醇和1,2-丙二醇的方法 patent, CN-101768065-A: 一种6-甲氧基水杨醛的制备方法 patent, CN-101769729-A: 量测数据动态提示系统及方法 patent, CN-101769975-A: 互连线失效检测方法 patent, CN-101770567-A: Method for identifying biological features patent, CN-101770575-A: Method and device for measuring image inclination angle of business card patent, CN-101771260-A: Mine intrinsic safety electric source interception self-recovery protection device patent, CN-101771494-A: 数据传输方法及装置 patent, CN-101771512-A: Method for sending repeated acknowledgement or negative acknowledgment feedback, system and user equipment patent, CN-101771897-A: 一种实现通信网号码升位的系统 patent, CN-101772013-A: Voting mechanism based WSN anti-attack node positioning method patent, CN-101772048-A: 无线链路失败的检测方法及装置 patent, CN-101772657-A: Gear device and turning portion structure of industrial robot using the gear device patent, CN-101773036-A: 白杨根蘖与容器硬枝扦插配套育苗方法 patent, CN-101773959-A: Single-shaft variable cross-section roll bending forming machine patent, CN-101774676-A: Method for treating high-concentration industrial organic waste water and relevant catalyst patent, CN-101774719-A: 中、低浓度含铜污水的处理方法 patent, CN-101775680-A: Method for improving strength of polyphenylene terephthalamide fibers through heat setting patent, CN-101776377-A: 一种利用太阳能的干燥方法及太阳能干燥装置 patent, CN-101776497-A: 一种磁流体密封轴在热真空环境下摩擦力矩的测试方法 patent, CN-101777060-A: 网页视觉质量的自动评价方法及其系统 patent, CN-101777320-A: Ghost eliminating circuit, display and electronic device patent, CN-101779034-A: 燃料喷射阀装置 patent, CN-101779360-A: 在易爆环境中运行的机器 patent, CN-101780003-A: 全自动升降医疗床及控制方法 patent, CN-101780695-A: 新型半啮合式双螺杆膨胀干燥机 patent, CN-101780920-A: 用于塔式起重机的回转机构控制系统 patent, CN-101782338-A: 热交换器 patent, CN-101782460-A: Double-oil cylinder loaded ball screw assembly test bed patent, CN-101782463-A: 全流量试验台氢气系统 patent, CN-101782573-A: Immunofluorescence method for detecting nucleolus C23 protein positioning under heavy metal stress patent, CN-101782780-A: 无线遥控钓鱼船 patent, CN-101783379-A: Element encapsulation structure of light-emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-101783671-A: Turnover rate control circuit patent, CN-101784399-A: 具有抗降解剂储集区的胎面 patent, CN-101785059-A: 盘片装置 patent, CN-101785922-A: 一种草坪坡度可以调节的方法和草坪垫结构 patent, CN-101786023-A: Ultrasonic chemical in-situ preparation method for phthalocyanine-sensitized vanadate nano-powder patent, CN-101786365-A: 一种单面铜塑复合带的生产方法 patent, CN-101787466-A: Led路灯散热减重材料 patent, CN-101788509-A: Measuring method of aluminum alloy CCT (Continuous Cooling Transformation) diagram patent, CN-101788705-A: Low density high flowability optical cable filled ointment patent, CN-101789766-A: Gain adjustment device and method patent, CN-101790296-A: Electronic device with buffer structure composition patent, CN-101790422-A: Insert and centrifuge comprising an insert patent, CN-101790847-A: 抑制音频装置中的输出偏移 patent, CN-101791183-A: Air-conditioning quilt patent, CN-101791624-A: 一种有机废水微电解废渣利用与处置的方法及固定土壤中砷和重金属的方法 patent, CN-101792287-A: Corrosion resisting anti-passivation conducting material patent, CN-101792555-A: Polypropylene connector material for plastic infusion vessel and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101792589-A: 环保自润滑耐磨注塑级聚苯醚及其制作工艺 patent, CN-101792932-A: Method for preparing ultra-fine calcium sulfate crystal whisker by using phosphogypsum patent, CN-101793801-A: 乳糖诊断/测定试剂(盒)及乳糖浓度测定方法 patent, CN-101794013-A: 变焦镜头和摄像装置 patent, CN-101794023-A: Light scanning unit patent, CN-101796553-A: 洗手遵守程度检测系统 patent, CN-101796890-A: 电击风险保护电路 patent, CN-101799551-A: Inhibition method of space-time blind self-adaptive GPS (Global Positioning System) interference based on despreading and respreading technology patent, CN-101799878-A: 邮政总包rfid袋牌质量、性能检测装置及其计算机控制方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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