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WO-2016202726-A1: Device having monitored device cooling patent, WO-2017133750-A1: Valve drive for an internal combustion engine and method for operating a valve drive patent, WO-9322829-A1: Pll circuit modulatable by a modulation signal having a direct current component patent, WO-0055121-A1: Method for the continuous production of methoxyamine hydrochloride patent, WO-0163296-A3: Method for carrying out the differential diagnostic determination of autoantibodies formed against the tsh receptor in a serum sample or plasma sample of a patient patent, WO-0225924-A3: Method for the transmission of data with a television signal patent, WO-03026240-A3: Method for transmitting data by multi-carrier modulation patent, WO-2004033239-A1: Fixing method and system for mounting a vehicle glass in a support frame, said vehicle glass and a vehicle provided therewith patent, WO-2005075253-A1: Metal housing patent, WO-2005094153-A1: Device and method for oxidizing, reducing, calcining, sintering, or melting dusts using a dosing cyclone with a fuel lance patent, WO-2005119155-A1: Heat exchanger patent, WO-2006018108-A1: Method for producing portioned detergents or cleaning agents patent, WO-2009053056-A2: Use of 2-iodo-n-[(4-methoxy-6-methyl-1,3,5-triazine-2-yl)carbamoyl] benzenesulfonamide and/or salts thereof for combating undesired plant growth in selected useful plant crops or non-cultivated land patent, WO-2009056340-A3: Device for the detection of components in a fluid patent, WO-2009156267-A3: Actuator patent, WO-2011012362-A3: Gear pump patent, WO-2012013423-A1: Measuring method for a measured variable dependent on auxiliary measured variables patent, WO-2013056889-A1: Stripper for an operating roll of a rolling stand patent, WO-2014022941-A1: Shoe sole with ventilation, and shoe having such a sole patent, WO-2014135274-A2: Fitting closing device and fitting actuating assembly patent, WO-2014161770-A1: High-strength, translucent mg-high quartz mixed crystal glass ceramics patent, WO-2015051910-A1: System and method for processing value documents patent, WO-2015197486-A1: Device and method for damping pressure fluctuations in the delivery line of a thick-matter pump patent, WO-2016050647-A1: Primer for removable coatings patent, WO-9116609-A1: Device for detecting inner pressure conditions in flexible ducts patent, WO-9316822-A1: Bending press patent, WO-03086891-A1: Snap-action hinged closure for a refillable container patent, WO-2005058943-A1: Biphenyl-substituted antibacterial macrocycles patent, WO-2005063110-A2: Dishwasher with device for storage of rinsing water patent, WO-2005076420-A1: Coupled optical resonators patent, WO-2007031345-A2: Method for the encapsulation and controlled-release of poorly water-soluble (hydrophobic) liquid and solid active ingredients patent, WO-2008009519-A1: Method and device for avoiding and/or reducing the consequences of collisions patent, WO-2011113738-A1: System and method for filtering beverages patent, WO-2013034147-A1: Control valve seals and control valves with the control valve seal patent, WO-2013178516-A1: Household refrigeration device with a storage container and an edge cover strip patent, WO-2014075773-A1: Flexible hose with a multiple-layer wall patent, WO-2017076729-A1: Transmission control device for an automated manual transmission of a vehicle patent, WO-2017167684-A1: Electric linear repetitive pulsed drive for operating equipment patent, WO-9420630-A1: Dna construct and method of detecting protein kinase c inhibitors using the dna construct patent, WO-9920879-A3: Drum controller patent, WO-0134620-A3: Method and device for producing oligomers and arrays of oligomers and the use of said device patent, WO-03081760-A2: Power supply unit for a portable electric device patent, WO-03100115-A1: Method and device for plasma treating workpieces patent, WO-2004009038-A2: Cosmetic preparations with antibacterial properties comprising glycyrrhetinic acid patent, WO-2006067006-A1: Method and system for detecting biometric characteristics patent, WO-2008101551-A1: Component, device for controlling the wear and tear for a component and method for the maintenance of a component patent, WO-2008113516-A1: Valve for separating product media in the pipes of a product-carrying system patent, WO-2009024483-A3: Method for procuring maintenance-related information for an installation patent, WO-2011003956-A1: Device for generating an additional restoring force at the gas pedal and method for the operation thereof patent, WO-2013010724-A3: Desensitizing oral and dental hygiene and cleansing agents patent, WO-2013107703-A1: Wet friction clutch with integrated damping system patent, WO-2014094745-A1: Barbecue patent, WO-2015074951-A1: Housing for a semiconductor chip, housing composite, semiconductor component and method for producing a semiconductor component patent, WO-2016042078-A1: Method and device for controlling a blood treatment device while taking into consideration patient feedback during the blood treatment and blood treatment device patent, WO-9953093-A1: Method for carrying out reactions between at least two reaction partners in aqueous reaction mixtures patent, WO-0248180-A3: Peptides and/or proteins and use thereof for the production of a therapeutic and/or prophylactic medicament patent, WO-2008131837-A3: Machine part belonging to a sliding pair and method for the production thereof patent, WO-2012048765-A1: Method and device for scrubbing exhaust gases containing nitrous oxide patent, WO-2016184719-A1: Method and system for controlling a drive function of a vehicle patent, WO-0175213-A1: Use of 3-iodine-2-propinyl-carbamates as antimicrobial active agent patent, WO-2005043758-A3: Method and device for reflow soldering with volume flow control patent, WO-2005094595-A1: Sealing machine drive unit comprising an adjustable coupling point patent, WO-2005026094-A1: Alkoxylates that are stable in alkalis patent, WO-2010031586-A1: Method for deforming objects and deformable objects patent, WO-2015055344-A1: Method for operating a locking system, locking system, and tube safe patent, WO-2015086005-A1: Cosmetic composition containing a combination of oligopeptides and ceramides patent, WO-02053461-A3: Device for large-volume containers patent, WO-2004079003-A1: Sgk1 as diagnostic and therapeutic target patent, WO-9858798-A1: Wall paper or wall covering with at least one layer of biodegradable materials patent, WO-2006136454-A2: Use of inhibitors of n-methyl transferases for the therapy of parkinson's disease patent, WO-2010115530-A1: Device and method for the verification and quantitative analysis of analytes, particularly mycotoxins patent, WO-2014187664-A1: Steering gearing having hydraulic assistance by means of a rotary piston patent, WO-02085328-A2: Method for producing an active ingredient concentrate, and an active ingredient concentrate patent, WO-2014040824-A1: Polyurethanes containing halogen compounds patent, WO-2017191612-A3: Portable device for measuring intraocular pressure using hall effect sensors patent, WO-2006024240-A2: Vaccine composition against hepatitis c virus patent, WO-2011064433-A2: Service provision system, method and repeater patent, WO-2015144944-A1: Portable electrical power supply system patent, WO-9410661-A1: Vending machine for printed publications patent, WO-2011088584-A1: Neutralisation of gaseous contaminants by means of artificial photosynthesis patent, WO-2008020288-A2: Water-saving shower patent, WO-9118294-A1: Synthetic peptides of human papillomaviruses 1, 5, 6, 8, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33 and 56, useful in immunossay for diagnostic purposes patent, WO-9635700-A1: Saccharopeptides and derivatives thereof patent, WO-2005066126-A1: Cb1 modulator compounds patent, WO-2006020719-A2: Aminoacid conjugates of beta - lapachone for tumor targeting patent, WO-2007026099-A2: Method of examining a biological process using a fret measurement patent, WO-2007130429-A2: Histone deacetylase and tubulin deacetylase inhibitors patent, WO-2008089397-A2: Adrb2 cancer markers patent, WO-2008121386-A2: Calcimimetic compounds for use in the treatment of bowel disorders patent, WO-2008152379-A1: Labeled single-strand dna-binding protein and its use in a biosensor for detection and visualisation of single-stranded dna patent, WO-2009032600-A1: 7-keto dhea for psychiatric use patent, WO-2009058908-A2: Methods for prognosing the ability of a zearalenone analog compound to treat cancer patent, WO-2010048615-A2: Human ebola virus species and compositions and methods thereof patent, WO-2010091150-A1: Novel benzodiazepine derivatives patent, WO-2010102027-A1: Composite structured organic films patent, WO-2011002867-A1: Semiconductor manufacture component patent, WO-2011014636-A1: Thermal insulation unit patent, WO-2011101267-A1: Conjugated fviii variants patent, WO-2011153389-A1: Non-porous moisture and gas permeable films patent, WO-2012110459-A1: 1,4-oxazepines as bace1 and/or bace2 inhibitors patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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